Qualification Criteria for MPHW course in Delhi

Age limit: An applicant must be at any rate 17 years old. Competitor must not be over 35 years old.

Instructive capabilities: As indicated by the site of Indian Nursing Chamber, 10+2 in any stream passed understudies are the most favored ones (it would be ideal if you perused the following passage moreover). Least total imprints required MPHW course in Delhi are 45%.

Prospectus for MPHW Course in Gurgaon:-

1st Year:

  • Anatomy & Physiology: In-depth study of the structure and functions of the human body, focusing on physiological processes.
  • Microbiology: Exploration of microorganisms and their effects on health, including disease-causing agents and beneficial microbes.
  • Health & Hygiene: Understanding the principles of maintaining personal and community health, emphasizing hygiene practices.
  • Computer Skill: Developing proficiency in using computers for various tasks.


2nd Year:

  • Public Health: Examination of population health, disease prevention, and strategies for promoting community well-being.
  • First Aid and Emergency Care: Learning essential life-saving techniques and immediate medical responses in emergency situations.
  • Health Information Education & Communication: Understanding how to effectively convey health-related information to diverse audiences.
  • Communication Skill: Enhancing communication abilities to interact efficiently with patients, colleagues, and communities.

Multipurpose Health Worker (Male) (MPHW (M)) Course at SVM Nursing College

Elevate your career in healthcare with SVM Nursing College’s Multipurpose Health Worker (Male) (MPHW (M)) course. Spanning a period of two years, this comprehensive program is designed to equip aspiring healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to make a difference in the field of public health. Through a blend of theoretical learning and hands-on training, students gain expertise in areas such as community health, preventive healthcare, medical ethics, and more.

Location Advantage: Located in the heart of Delhi, SVM Nursing College offers an advantageous location for aspiring healthcare professionals pursuing the MPHW (M) course. With close proximity to major healthcare facilities and community health centers in Gurgaon, Rohtak, and other areas of Haryana, our college provides students with ample opportunities for practical training and fieldwork. Additionally, our strategic location in Delhi ensures easy access to resources, networking opportunities, and internship placements in leading healthcare organizations.

Comprehensive Curriculum: At SVM Nursing College, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for the diverse challenges of the healthcare industry. The MPHW (M) course curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, first aid, and healthcare administration. Through immersive learning experiences and practical training in real-world healthcare settings, students develop the skills and competencies necessary to provide quality healthcare services to communities.

Career Opportunities: Upon successful completion of the MPHW (M) course at SVM Nursing College, graduates are well-positioned to pursue rewarding careers as healthcare assistants, community health workers, medical assistants, and more. With a strong emphasis on practical skills development and professional ethics, our alumni are highly sought after by employers in both public and private healthcare sectors. Join us at SVM Nursing College and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in public health. Apply now and embark on your journey to become a skilled and compassionate healthcare professional!

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